Friday, May 24, 2013

Midrealm Populace Badge

Post-in-progress! Come back for more.

The "Midrealm takes care of its own" mini-event at Crown is in full-swing. I pledged two pieces of glass work, but wanted to goad my household into contributing as well. I told them if five of them contributed an item to the silent auction, donated to the cause, or gave an item for the bake sale, that I would also give a celtic knotwork piece I found. If 10... I would do the Midrealm Populace Badge.

I found a beautiful Welsh Dragon pattern at this website and realized it could be easily modified for Midrealm usage. It's a straightforward modern work, about 24x18. I hope to put it in an oak frame as well.

 At this point I realized three of the pieces were darker than the others in this photo, while discussing it on Facebook. I came to find out that I had grabbed a nearby sheet of red that was different, and recut them in the right glass.

The following pictures were taken as I fit the pieces into my soldering jig. The green appears almost black, the photos losing some of their beauty.

Finished pictures and silent auction results to be announced after this weekend!

[Edit 5/30/13: I ran out of solder! Ye GADS! I used the picture below to enter the panel into the auction, where it brought in a respectable sum for the cause.]

Next update will be final, with a shot of it cleaned up, patina'd, and framed.

[Edit 7/8/13] Below is a shot of the final panel, just before delivery. Not 100% happy with it, but it needed to get delivered.