Friday, July 31, 2015

... and back again?

It's been 8 months since I've posted to my blog. Unfortunately some personal badness happened and I found myself generally unable to cut glass for that time.

Quite some time ago a dear friend told me that if she were elevated, she wanted me to do her scroll in glass. This is a big order, considering she would be elevated undoubtedly for C&I, and her impressive array of peerage scrolls. When you are being elevated, she is one of the elite you wish to do your scroll. For her to ask me was panic-inducing, but she explained that she deals with scrolls all the time; she wants something to go in her window instead :)

A few months ago she was put on vigil, to be elevated at Pennsic. That's a nasty wake-up call to clean my lightbox.

She asked for a scroll and a platter. I've provided a scroll and three (and a half) platters. There was a tremendous amount of learning from these projects, documented in the posts that follow.

Fortunately, and as I suspected, working on these has jostled me back to a bit of normalcy. Recently, as well, a friend who maintains a blog about artists and the artistic process decided to interview me. It's readable online here. I'm writing this post from GenCon in the middle of Pennsic. The posts should be up by the 10th, but there are a LOT of photos and ground to cover.

We had a very successful glass track day Thursday of last week. We originally planned to teach a "sheet to shiny" course for 4-6 people. It turned out to be 16! We got it done. Molly and I are badasses when our forces are combined, with gratitude toward Rois for additional supervision duties and Irene for being there in case needed. Next Thursday (Yes, I leave GenCon to go BACK to Pennsic) we teach 7 AM glass cutting again.