Friday, July 5, 2013

Painted and Stained Award Medallions

[7/1] Their Royal Majesties of the Middle put out a call for award medallions, for ODHs, Evergreens, and Cavendish Knots. Being a guy of one artistic impulse....

I discovered I can drill holes in glass! I knew it was possible, but I've never done it before. A glass bit in my dremel and it was surprisingly very fast and easy.

[7/5/13 Edit] I've got the first coat of color on them, and in the kiln now. I don't know that I care for the cleanliness of the lines yet, but I'm rushing myself. The scales on the Dragon's Hearts are tricky to keep even and regular! The second one looks better because I thought of it in terms of the whole row rather than one scale at a time. That changes how you scrape the line (more like U's rathern than J's if you will) and looks better. The first one:

All six pre-firing:

Monday, July 1, 2013

Pennsic Lanterns [was: Placeholder til After Pennsic!]

[Edit 8/5/13]:

 I was making two lamps for Pennsic:

 Painting the bills and the coronets. This was commissioned for someone who has a rubber duck motif. The coronet is directly traced from a picture of her actual coronet. It didn't dawn on me at this time that I was leaving off the eyes.

The panels in a window, after being silver stained. The eyes are a tad spooky.

A quick-and-dirty glued-paneled lantern for Rudolph Tomasson for Pennsic.

[Original Post, 7/1/13:]
This is a placeholder for a post I can publish after Pennsic! Until then...