Sunday, September 27, 2015

Archery Tournament Trophy (A Day of Archery, 2015)

I decided to try working on my painting skills. I grabbed a tiny brush meant for painting minis, and built a small wooden bridge to rest my hand. I got to work:

 It's hard to tell how the lines are doing while tracing, at least for me. Once I removed the original image I was very, VERY pleased with the line work. It has a somewhat irregular, rustic feel but I was ok with that.

Matting, to remove highlights

Matting cleaned up

I'm particularly pleased with this leg. The knee was a great accident.

After silver staining. I also wanted to stain the rock at the archer's feet, for some kind of vertical balance, but I tried three times and it blended "away" from the line too much. I moved on without it.

The finished and framed piece, at the archery field.