Friday, January 24, 2014

Silent Auction donations

I was asked to provide a couple of items for the charity silent auction at Maidens this weekend. I decided it was high time to solder two projects that could be put to good use:

Badge for the Award of the Purple Fret
This is the Midrealm's AoA-level individual service award. It lends itself well to stained glass and hopefully will have a good appeal to bidders.

Celtic Knotwork (crown/cross/heart)
I actually made this for the 1st Midrealm Takes Care of it's Own piece, as an overflow. Unfortunately just getting the Midrealm Populace Badge panel took everything I had. I went ahead and soldered this so at least it's still going to charity. In hindsight it needed to be cut more carefully but it hopefully works well enough to bring in a few dollars.

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