Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Quick Update (Post-Pennsic)

Had a great time teaching at Pennsic. I'm still trying to clean up class notes before I send them out. I don't want to wait too much longer, however, before something happens and the list of e-mails is destroyed.

Between my own classes and co-teaching with Lady Moll I had seven classes (six glass), and two demo days. It was a busy war!

I've posted an update to my "A&S 50 challenge accepted" post, showing two items that have since been completed and an update to my master page for my A&S 50 challenge listing the projects so far.

I have a couple new books to review, but I will wait until tomorrow after I finish the one.

I'm signed up to teach at Fall Rum and Rendezvous at the Bridge. I'm also hoping to do an A&S 50 display for the first time, at Fall Crown. That's assuming my duties as autocrat let me slip away for 5 minutes to set up my display!

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