Sunday, February 14, 2016

Frit smash Smash SMASH!

A very short post, but I was looking to make frit (powder, specifically) for an upcoming project. I didn't want to buy one, I wanted instant gratification. I found these directions from Delphi Glass and went to my local hardware store for the parts (admittedly after googling to figure out what nipple pipes were... I thought it must be a typo!).

I added one step, in that I had a jar of BBs (for a BB gun) laying around. The smaller pipe, which does the work, I filled to the brim with tiny steel BBs. I had also purchased a second cap for it, adding a buck to the cost. I think the added weight was a great idea.

I put a small piece of clear in the smasher, and dropped the weighted pipe on it three times. What I poured out was almost small enough to be used for lampworking/fusing. I was very surprised how quickly this thing works. I think it needs more glass to get truly effective, and it'll be fun to experiment with to making powder for glass paints.

The two pieces of my frit smasher; you can see the operating end covered in glass dust

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