Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pennsic Lantern

I want a nice-looking light source for Pennsic, although I'm going to keep it modern and electric. I have a thing for lanterns, but the two hanging for decoration around the house (with LED candles) aren't suitable for.... <evil Russian accent> Enhancement....</accent>. This made for a nice, and quick project.

I was passing through Menards and found these decorative lamps on sale, with a hinged door, for $10. I opened it up and immediately saw the four glass panes are held in by bendable metal tabs.

I took it home and bent out the tabs to discover that the pieces are also held in place by a strip of foam adhesive, kind of like what you'd mount a poster with (if you had no regard for the quality of the posters). My plan was to replace the two side panes with Midrealm Pales and the door (back) with mirror, to channel the light out the front. So, with that in mind, I took my glass cutter, scored horizontal lines across them, and smashed out the glass.

I used pliers to remove the shards and the foam adhesive strips. Then I cut strips of glue chip glass. I don't want lead lines impeding the light coming out of the lanterns, so I laid them on my lightbox and used a clear silicon adhesive/sealant to glue them together.

I cut a piece of mirror for the door and glued it into place, along with squares for the inside ceiling and floor, again to channel the light.

Once the silicone sealant was solid enough, I popped the panes into the sides and closed up all the tabs. Lantern done! I intend to take a bright flashlight and put it in the lantern, possibly rigging a switch near the handle on top.

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