Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pattern Shears

Going to try something new at my Laurel's suggestion to see if it makes me happier with my cutting accuracy. A lot of the super-precise artisans I've met online seem to use pattern shears, and she suggested it for me.

I hopped over to my local supplier and got a pair. The owner, an awesome woman, had me find them in a box under a cabinet because she hasn't had demand for them in years. The shears give a seriously big gap (and I triple checked they were foil, not lead not mosaic). For a few bucks I grabbed them anyway, but kept researching. I found shears that kept saying they removed 1/32" for foil. The pair I got locally can not be 1/32". I ordered a pair (made by Mika Intl, via Amazon, but this is not a plug). They DEFINITELY remove less pattern:

"Squeeze-bottle grip" foil scissors, left, Mika Intl shears, right.

I'm working on cutting up a pattern right now, planning on starting to cut it tonight. Lots of curves and difficult cuts, it should be a great test if this method works better for me than working "English" (glass on pattern on lightbox).

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