Monday, March 17, 2014

2014 A&S Faire, "Day 3"

Good progress on the panel. I hadn't realized last week was going to include three 18-hour days. Im way behind and may use a PTO day or two this week to catch up. Some thoughts:

Moving around the table
I've got my "table" on an actual table. It's a lot more difficult to get a good cutting/viewing angle when you can't manipulate the paper cartoon or walk around the table. Doing this on a freestanding table would be more interesting.

Also, glass shards get stuck in the wood. That was a delightful surprise! Brush away all you want, you're probably going to need tweezers.

Using a grozing iron kicks up glass dust. My research (as a nonmedical professional!) indicates silicosis is only a factor after prolonged exposure to large amounts of dust. I still might get a cheapy medical mask, I felt like my nose was a bit irritated.

Hot dividing irons
When I'm done with my dividing iron for an extended period, I quench the end in the goblet of water on my bench. Then I set it on a chunk of framing stock scrap that serves as an excellent stand, protecting my table or the pattern table.

Be careful where you set the rod. You can see the burned spot on the table in the picture above where I underestimated "black hot" iron. Also, the burns near my right elbow....

Cleanliness of glass
A rather subjective observation, but it seems like this glass cuts so much cleaner. Harder to make shelves in it when cutting straight lines. Very nice to work with!

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