Friday, March 28, 2014

Brynn's Book Hoard - Medieval, pt. 2

I got three new books in this week:

Royal Commission on Historical Monuments
My favorite of the three, this book features English glass and fits neatly into the SCA period, stopping shortly before 1600. It has plenty of black and white photos, some large, of panels I hadn't seen before. It has a section of nice color photos as well. A chapter details the fabrication of the windows, which is nice. There are several discussions of symbolism and the sources of symbolism in glass and a chapter on glass as images into daily life. There is also a chapter on funny and grotesque windows I'd love to put into a class I was thinking about called "Transparent Blasphemies" featuring unusual, humorous, or somewhat less PG-13 glass.

Sarah Brown
3/5 (niche)
A good book featuring full color pictures. The book is well done, but rather specific to Canterbury Cathedral.

John Harvey
I purchased it for a few very specific bits of information, but it's a good read for info on guilds, training, and so on.

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