Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A&S Faire Project, post 4... and porphyry!

Finished cutting the glass for my panel, got the key lines painted on as well. The first half is firing right now. Unfortunately looking at the picture I see a problem and I'll have to redo one of the pieces heh.

Showing some of the blue pieces in place

Key lines painted in

I decided to try and freehand paint it all, which is weird for me. I ALWAYS trace. It was fun.

Today I got two books in and a new sample of porphyry. Fortunately this looks like "the right stuff!"

The original pieces I bought look like they were intended for countertops or something:

The surface was completely smooth and didn't grind very well.

The new stuff is more like the color of "Imperial porphyry" and it arrived in rough chunks that do grind quite well. 

Finally....carving molds is difficult!

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